Thursday, 9 October 2014


 Dress - Vintage
Necklace - Gift
Shoes - Primark

So, after three months, here we are. All the times I've apologized for not posting before added together genuinely do not compare right now... But, you know, I did say that I might not blog this summer, I just never thought it'd be this long. Hope you're all well, though, and I cannot wait to get back to blogging and catching up with you lot!

I've so much photos from this summer and as it's getting more and more dreary outside, I'd say it's the perfect time to look back at all the lovely little summer days. These, for example, are from July/early August (haha). A lot has changed since then, my hair's shorter and less curly, I'm back in England living with new people and there's no fields or seaside to take photos at. All in all I had a wonderful summer:-) I saw family and some friends, wore all my vintage dresses, (like this dreamy cream one that I love and had missed) cooked, baked and ate a hella lot, swam almost every day, sew a little, had picnics and all things nice. And as it was the hottest summer in Finland since 1960-something, I am now ready to face the rainy autumn in Leeds. I'm sure it'll be just as splendid as the summer was:-) And don't you be shy, let me know how you've been these past three months (haha), what've you been doing, how are you, what's the gossip?


Amy said...

This is such a cute outfit! :)

Rin Handika said...

Love your maxi dress! And love the color of your nails!

Isabella said...

OMG, you're back! No apologies necessary, just happy to have you back in the blogosphere, and with lovely Finnish backgrounds to your photos to boot :)

Love this cream-colored vintage dress, it looks like something a poet (or muse) would wear.


Alicia Mackin said...

Oh wow, your summer DOES sound like it was wonderful wish mine had been that dreamy. Cute dress too and your mani looks cool.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Gail J said...

Awww who's this lovely lady! This vintage dress looks so perfect on you! xx

FloralConstellation said...

in love with your dress, the pictures are so lovely :)

Amanda said...

You hair, your dress, your nails! Every aspect is awesome. You're really rocking this look! xx

Jade Wright said...

Welcome back!

I love your vintage dress - you look amazing and like you've just stepped right out of Vogue.

Gorgeous xxx

Krysten Quiles said...

That dress is so beautiful!

Holly said...

You look so lovely! So jealous of what sounds like a beautiful summer in Finland. Mine was pretty crap by anyone's standards, haha :) but I'm looking forward to a productive and healing autumn and winter xxx

The Persephone Complex

Ina R. said...

Love the dark red nails with the pale yellow dress! Beautiful vintage inspired look!

Hena Tayeb said...

so lovely..

Marisa Noelle said...

Aw, happy to see you back Laura :-) These photos are so serene and airy - you really look like a vintage beauty sweet gal!

Eline said...

It's good to see that you're back; you're looking wonderful in these pictures!
Your summer sounds so so nice :) I've been working a lot as a photographer for Unhemmed magazine and done a lot of other creative stuff!

Laura said...

Amy - thank you, lovely! x

Rin Handika - thank you very much, hen! x

Isabella - ah, thank you, it's good to be back:-) and thank you, dear, you're too kind! xx

Alicia Mackin - i did actually have a wonderful summer, and i'm sure yours was lovely as well:-) thanks, love! x

Gail J - why, thank you, darling! xx

FloralConstellation - thank you, thank you, chick! x

Amanda - ah, thank you, doll! xx

Jade Wright - thanks, pet! and stop messing with me, haha:-) thank you anyway! xxx

Krysten Quiles - it is:-) glad you think so too, honey! xx

Holly - ah, thank you, sweetie! and although my summer was really lovely, it wasn't that productive, so i'm looking forward to this autumn and winter as well:-) and hope your autumn&winter are a million times better than your summer! xxx

Ina R. - thank you, hun! x

Hena Tayeb - cheers, lady! x

Marisa Noelle - thank you so much, petal! you're the sweetest:-) xx

Eline - thank you, girl! your work sounds really lovely and doing creative things is always good:-) x

lisa said...

What a pretty vintage dress and it looks perfect on you! I love your shoes and lately have regretted donating all my platforms from the '90s :)

Laura said...

lisa - thank you, girl! that's a shame, but at least you can still get new ones these days haha:-) x

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