Tuesday, 28 October 2014

oh, the river, oh, the river, it's running free

 Sunglasses - Citymarket
The rest - H&M

Like I said, I did a lot of swimming in the summer, so I have various photos of different rivers, ponds, lakes and the sea. I do love the water. (But only in a swimming and looking at how pretty it is way. I actually dislike nothing more than the taste of water or getting my fingers all wrinkly from a bath, shower or doing the dishes..) And I think photographing water and its different lighting is one of my favourites. It can look so calming and glisten beautifully, but it can also look so very ominous and dark. On the day these were taken, it was a lovely day yet again and we had a wee walk on the riverbank with le mother.

Also, I have to admit that my mum did get reasonably good at using my camera, as I was asking her to take pictures of me quite often. I even took a little leap of faith and told her about my blog. And I didn't die, which made me think about just letting everyone irl know about it. Then again, I'm not that sure if my mum actually even got it and fully understood the whole blogging aspect of my life, which makes me a bit cautious. I think I still want it to be something more private. At least, if and when my mum still sometimes sees me taking photos of myself, she might believe that it's not only because I'm a vain, narcissistic little brat, haha. Although, I think the notion of food photography and sharing recipes is what she related more to. I know this is what a lot of bloggers discuss, but does all of your family either read your blog, know about it or think you're a bit odd because of it?


Amanda said...

I still find it weird when my family reads my blog. I know that they do, but I still get uncomfortable when one of them brings it up into the conversation. Especially if it's a really distant family member (which has happened!)

These are lovely photos though! x

Alicia Mackin said...

I know sometimes people in your life don't always get it but they will. Friends too, sometimes my older friends are like huh? But I love blogging.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Krysten Quiles said...

My coworkers totally do not get my blogging AT ALL. And some of my friends and family are confused by it. But whatevs, I love it!

Gail J said...

this place is very beautiful! x

Carmen Varner said...

The 2nd photo is stunning. The blue of the sky is jaw dropping. Congrats on telling your mum about the blog. It must be a weight off your shoulders at least. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

Marlen said...

For THE longest time I didn't tell anyone about my blog, which was strange because it was my most favorite activity of the day. Seriously, it took me over a year to even let go a peep about it. I feel like with style blogging it might be a little more difficult because you're really putting yourself out there to be judged. So it's a bit scary, haha!

But on a lighter note, i feel just the same way as you about photographing water. Though admittedly I'm no where as good at it as you are :)

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Isabella said...

Beautiful! Shout-out to Citymarket, haha :)

I was actually more public about my blog at first, posting links on my facebook, since I was mostly blogging about my move to Finland. When it became more of a personal style blog, I started feeling self-conscious about random people I know on facebook knowing about that part of my life and perhaps judging me for it. I have several irl friends who read my blog regularly, and they're nothing but positive about it, which I so appreciate. My mom also reads my blog and gives me comments on my posts when we talk on the phone! I've always been bad at keeping secrets from my family, so while sometimes I wish I could keep my online life separate from my offline one, it just makes sense for my personality that they're entwined.


Laura said...

Amanda - haha, i'd rather they just read it and didn't bring it into conversations. and thank you, sweetie! xx

Alicia Mackin - me too, hen:-) don't know why i'm even thinking about what others think about me, that's not what i usually do, haha! x

Krysten Quiles - haha, that's the right attitude, doll! xx

Gail J - it is rather beautiful, isn't it, dear:-) xx

Carmen Varner - ah, thank you, chick! and i don't know about that, i told her when her internet was broken and don't know if she'll remember the whole blog thing anymore, haha:') x

Marlen - i think it was well over a year for me before i told someone about my blog. but yes, it can be a bit scary. and thank you so much, darling! i'm pretty sure you're very good as well! xx

Isabella - thanks, honey:-) and haha, citymarket is the place to be at! i can see that it would've been really different for you at the start. i'm the exact opposite from you and hardly share anything even with my family and i think that's why i'm finding it so hard to let irl people to know about my blog. i'm pretty sure i have so many strangers on the internet that know more about me than the people i actually see every day, haha! xx

Jenna Opsahl said...

Mmm ain't nothing better than light on water. Spending time by the river is the best!
And thank you for the kind comment on my Halloween costume =]


Laura said...

Jenna Opsahl - i know, they're both the best things:-) and don't mention it, doll! xx

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