Tuesday, 2 August 2016

project 366: 200-213 (two weeks)

Trust me to be poorly one weekend and not have time to manage these posts, and to go on ex tempore trips to Norway the weekend before and also not have time to manage these posts. I've not missed a day, though, so here's photos from the last fortnight:

200: Things growing.

201: Pretty little mushrooms in our little woods.

202: My favourite church:--)

203: My mum, her friend and I started our travels up north to proper Lapland and Norway! I'll post more about the whole trip later in life (haha)!

204: Not sure, but I think this is still in Finland. We arrived in Norway, though. And all of Lapland is so breathtaking. And there's a lot of reindeer as well, haha.

205: Norway is so pretty. I am definitely ready to go on another - longer - holiday there any day! And we had a lil' dip in the Arctic Ocean.

206: Getting closer to home and I was definitely taking pictures with this sign as if it was my first time crossing the arctic circle.

207: On Monday it was time to go back to normal life. I did so with the help from one of my newest Moomin mugs.

208: More things growing. So excited to possibly be getting some courgettes and pumpkins!

209: Strawberries.

210: If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I got my new passport photos taken. (We went to Norway with expired passports, which is fine - I think - since - I think - you're allowed to travel in Nordic countries without a passport if you're Nordic yourself.)

211: All the raspberries. I'm so sad we don't have any raspberry bushes of our own anymore. Ours were the literal best.

212: I seem to have caught a cold and tried to keep myself indoors all last weekend. Which was quite easy after I started watching episodes of the Moomins. I'm not too poorly anymore (fingers crossed)!

213: My wee chilis are growing as well!


Jenna Opsahl said...

You saw a real reindeer???? That's amazing! Norway looks gorgeous. My family is supposedly Norwegian so I really want to go there one day. You lucky duck you :)


Kati said...

It's amazing you manage to keep up with these daily photos! Hope you had a great time in Norway.


Joanna Joy said...

Oh my gosh dear, these photos are amazing! I am so sorry to hear that you had a cold while you were on vacation. The reindeer photo is so cool. I can't believe you got that close to one.


Laura Jones said...

Jenna Opsahl - haha, there's reindeer even here where i live as well, although there's plenty more the more north you go! you definitely should go, honey! i feel like lapland and norway would definitely be the kind of places you'd enjoy! xx

Kati - i do miss a day every now and then, but i still think it's a fun thing to do and worth it, haha:-) and i did indeed, thank you, pet! xx

Joanna Joy - thank you, gal! fortunately i only started feeling poorly when we were getting closer to home, haha:-) and there's reindeer everywhere ha, it's more a question of getting them off the road than getting close to them! xx

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