Wednesday, 31 August 2016

project 366: 235-241

235: Bought new things for school! How surprising that half of them are Moomin themed, haha:--)

236: It's been a good tomato summer!

237: I did a flowerbed for my mum. I do this almost every year since during the winter they become a bit wonky and need retouching. Not complaining though, I love a bit of gardening.

238: Here's a hat I bought for the summer but never wore. Maybe next summer then! (At least I wore it for a day while packing my things.)

239: It was my birthday on Friday and it was niiice. This raspberry-chocolate cake I baked was amazing.

240: Birthday flowers.

241: And on Sunday I finally finished watching the extended versions of Lord of the Rings. So good.

That's what I did last week, but this week (today actually) I'm leaving for Turku and university. I'm not sure how long it'll take me to get settled, so I might take a break from the blog if it feels like that! In the meantime feel free to have a little look-see on the blog or tell me how you've been! See you soon!


Hena Tayeb said...

Good luck on your move and upcoming school year
Happy Birthday.. that cake looks so good.
wow look at those tomatoes.

Kati said...

You have the BEST Moomins stuff!


E said...

That hat is so pretty! I would love a little straw hat like that!

District of Chic

Joanna Joy said...

First off, Happy Birthday:) Loving this hat on you. Very pretty. Your cake looks delicious! I love raspberries and chocolate too. Also, this moomin cartoon looks so cute. Hope you have a good year at school. It's so sweet of you to plant a garden for your mom. Did you grow those tomatoes? They look delicious!


HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LAURA!!! I'm so sorry I missed it and I hope you had an amazing day. That cake looks incredible! LOVE the Moomin back to school goods - what a great collection of items! I also really love that summer hat - I did a similar thing this year of buying a straw hat which I then never wore. Next year! Good luck in returning to university and I hope everything goes ok. x

Jess Acton said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! That hat of yours is spectacular, and it's a really beautiful picture of you. It looks perfect for picnics or other twee summer activities. I'm jealous of your stationary too! I've had the itch to buy lots of pretty notebooks, although I know I would only use them for boring things like taking notes at work, so I've been updating my filofax instead. It makes organisation so much easier! And I feel like a businesswoman from the 80s. Your tomatoes look delicious, forever jealous of your garden too xx


Anastasia said...

Happy belated birthday lovely! The birthday cake looks delicious!!!!! xx

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Happy (way late) belated birthday :)

Are you coming back to blogging? I miss you!

Laura Jones said...

Hena Tayeb - thank you so much, lovely! and cake and tomatoes are both always a good idea:-) x

Kati - aw, thank you, chicken! i do have a bit of a collection, haha! xx

E - thank you, pet! it is quite cute, isn't it! x

Joanna Joy - thank you very much, hon! and yes, i did grow the tomatoes! :-) xx

Laila - thank you, honey! going back to uni really was a good excuse to get new moomin stuff, hehe:-) we'll definitely need to wear our hats next summer then! and thank you, it's been good so far! xxx

Jess Acton - thank you, sweets! that's definitely the kind of summer things i had in mind:-) using pretty notebooks for boring things makes boring things less boring, haha! and haha, you shouldn't be, my garden hasn't been anything special lately:-D xxx

Anastasia - thank you, hun! xx

Optimistic Existentialist - thank you, pal! and you picked a good time to ask that, as i'd just decided to finally come back, ha! but, also, that's so lovely to hear:-) xx

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