Tuesday, 30 August 2016

through the years: july and august

2011: In 2011 in July I wore these cute dungarees and now that dungarees actually everywhere I don't own any. I really do want to get some lil' dungarees and pinafores again, though! And a month later I wore this diy dress. I didn't wear it that many times, I think. It was definitely around 2011 when over-knee socks became a staple in my wardrobe. I mainly chose the second outfit because of my hair, can't wait for it to grow now so I can start doing more with it again! Also, these might be the first pictures of my 'through the years' posts in which I don't own any of the clothes anymore. Apart from the bedding in the laundry basket, haha!

2012: I actually love both of the July and August outfit from 2012. How good is my hair, please! I really want a pleated skirt like this again! And even though I've thrown the dress (worn as a top) I made away, I'm thinking of trying to sew something with a similar bustier to it. The August outfit is an old birthday outfit and something I could still recreate to this day. The shoes and the dress are still firm favourites. And I wear both the sunnies and my mum's old bag still on the regular. I'm very sad that the dress is a little too tight, though. Last time I tried it on I had to ask my mum to help me squeeze myself into it.. So I'll have  to either lose some weight or redo the seams since back when I bought the dress in 2012 (or before that) I had to take the seams in because it was a bit too big, haha!

2013: Yet another floral vintage dress that I don't fit into anymore! I'm not as bothered about this one as the previous one. You see, this one, although very pretty, is a children's dress from my mum's childhood, so maybe a 24-year-old shouldn't fit into it anymore. I quite like my work outfit, too. I don't own the skirt anymore, but I'm wearing the same shirt as I'm writing this. Haha! By now you know I love the white wedges, but these lil' black shoes were good as well. It's a shame I usually walk shoes like this into their graves in a summer!

2014: Here's a very simple July outfit that I never posted two years ago. But you will have seen this maxi dress in other outfit posts, it's something I've worn quite a bit this summer as well! Same goes for the hat that's on the table in the background. There's no picture from August 2014; I didn't blog at all that month, the lazy git I am!

2015: My graduation outfit from last year! Would definitely still wear this. (For a change, I didn't blog all August in 2015 either.. It's an unfortunate pattern!)

2016: Here's an outfit from this past July. I was thinking about posting it earlier but decided not to. This feels very 2011 to me instead of 2016, ha! If you were to look at older posts you'd definitely find me wearing this lace top and shorts together. The shorts are the best shorts and I really like my mum's crochet cardigan too, but since taking these photos I've sold the lace top. It was about time. (To break the pattern I've blogged this August - go me! But no outfit posts this month either, haha.)

What's your favourite of these old summer outfits? I'd love to hear - even if some of them made you cringe!

If you fancy seeing more past outfits, you can find them here: April | May | June



Those polka dot shorts are so lovely! I also have loads of vintage dresses that no longer fit me, it's annoying sometimes but also I like having the excuse to look for new things. I love these look back posts that you do, Laura! xx

Jess Acton said...

This is such a great post idea! It's interesting to see how your style (and poses.. ;)) have changed over time. My favourite is probably the pretty black maxi dress and the photos from 2012 where you're wearing a dress as a top. You look so different back then, especially with your long hair! There are some amazing outfits from my first couple of years at uni that I don't fit into anymore, so I've been trying to pass them onto skinnier friends so I don't have to properly give them away xx


Laura Jones said...

Laila - aw, thank you, i think so too:-) that's true, it can be both annoying and an opportunity. i just don't think i'll have the heart to part with any of my vintage dresses even when they're too small, haha! and thank you, doll, that's so lovely to hear! xx

Jess Acton - glad you like it! and haha! i know, the length of my hair really changes my facial features i think.. i'm trying to have the patience to grow it long again at the moment, though:-) i'm still hoping that i'll - not lose weight - but become more fit and toned so i'd fit into mine, but will probably have to start taking your example! xx

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