Thursday, 17 November 2011

oh ohohohoh i know the sun must set to rise

Skirt - Diy
Top - Present from France
Cardi - New look
Scarf - Grandma's old

Necklace - Old as anything..

I'm kind of waiting for snow. I don't like it when it's too cold for too long (=winter in Finland) but I think it's already time for snow. At least I want a white Christmas, it should always be snowy at Christmas! And what really is good about snow, is how it gives light in the gloomy winter days. It's pretty much black outside when I leave the house and once I get back it's already getting dark. Snow would make it seem a little brighter, and a light snowing always looks pretty:)

Anyway, this is what I wore on this snowless, dark day. Hope you had a lovely Thursday♥!


kirstyb said...

love the scarf x

Laura said...

kirstyb - thank you, sweetie:) x

Sandra said...

I would love to have a snowie Christmas too!! I live in Majorca so it's absolutely impossible though...

Laura said...

Sandra - ohh, that's a shame, hun! not living in majorca, but not having snow on christmas, of course:) x

Betsey said...

Oh, I love your necklace!!!

Laura said...

Betsey - thank you, darling! :) x

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