Thursday, 24 November 2011

thieves in the town

Yesterday someone stole my hat (as seen here). Actually unbelievable how rude people can be.. I had school for an hour, left my things where I always leave them. When I come back to go home, everything else is there except the hat. (If you are the thief, I would appreciate it if you returned the hat to its lawful owner; that'd be me. I wouldn't even eat your head off, if you were nice and changed your way of living!)

Luckily, I still have this fur hat, and other hats as well. And Cleo.


Becca. said...

your cat is adorable!

thanks for the comment on my blog,

little henry lee said...

that's terrible that someone stole your hat, i hope you get it back!

Fabrizia said...

Nice post, I like it so much! And I like your sense of style!!

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Liset said...

People can be rude indeed... more than you could imagine. At least you have the most adorable cat! :)

Laura said...

Becca. - thank you, love:) indeed she is! x

little henry lee - i know, hun! think i'll have a wander around the school to see if i can find it.. x

Fabrizia - thank you, doll! i'll take a look at your blog:) x

Liset - i know, stealing a hat really isn't the most rude thing one can do, but upsetting all the same.. and thank you, dear, she really is adorable! :) x

lapetiteblonde said...

lovely photos!!so cute!!
kisses pretty and have a nice weekend=)

Laura said...

lapetiteblonde - thank you, sweetie:) and you too! x

lapetiteblonde said...

thanks dear and follow you=)
kisses pretty and have a nice weekend=)

Jo said...

Aww, your cat is the cutest! <3

Lost in the Haze

Laura said...

lapetiteblonde - thank you, love! x

Jo - hehe, thank you, petal! that she is:) x

Catie said...

Your cat is ADORABLE! She looks so cuddly! I have a cat who is about 1 1/2 years old..she's such a monster! always running around! i wish i had a cute cuddly cat like Cleo :)

Laura said...

Catie - aw thank you, darling! cleo's ~19, so she really is more of a cuddly cat than running around, haha! but i'm sure your cat is lovely too:) x

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