Sunday, 20 November 2011

getting what i was wishing for!

 On Thursday I was saying that I'd be ready for the snow to start falling and waiting for a white Christmas to arrive, so the very next day I got what I wanted. I was so surprised that it happened right after me saying (=writing) it aloud! Of course there's not a lot of snow but it's a good start. If the temperature stays under zero, I can continue to wear my winter shoes, I'm so in love with these right now♥.

Dress - New look
Blazer - Grandma's old
Shoes - Skopunten

 Today, we invited our neighbours for a Sunday roast, and we've had a wee Christmas atmosphere. I actually despise people who put Christmas decorations up already in the beginning of November, and now I'm being the biggest hypocrite.. We've slowly started to trot out all our Christmas stuff and have already placed lights and other bits and bobs around the house. Also we're eating gingerbread and other Christmassy treats.. Suppose I'll have to confess I was listening to Elvis's "White Christmas" cd on repeat today as well.. Shame on me!

The rest of the day I'll be spending with my French book (, exam tomorrow!) and if I have time I'll sort out my room to appear a little cleaner. The clothes stand seems to be overflowing, maybe now that there's snow I could put aside the most summery dresses:)

Hope you had an amazing and relaxing Sunday♥!



Rene, Gucci's mom said...


I was looking for some interesting blog to follow and found yours! =)
I hope you can visit and follow mine too! Here's my link

see you!


Lola said...

what a great blog with beautiful pictures!

love, lola

Becca. said...

love your outfit! :)


Laura said...

Lola - oh, thank you, sweetie! x

Becca. - thank you, dear! x

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

This is amazing, nice post friend! Keep up with this, love your style.
Check out mine,

Laura said...

Isabella - thank you, love! you're so sweet:) x

Laura said...

Rene - oh i never noticed your comment! thank you so much, and i'll have a look at your blog too, sweetie! :) x

Jen Umm said...

what a great outfit!

love the dress !

thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

Jen Umm - thank you, petal! x

Mademoiselle Leandra said...

Cute dress!

Laura said...

Mademoiselle Leandra - thank you, darling! x

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