Monday, 7 November 2011

nordic water peace

Jeans - Vero moda
Body - 2nd hand
Blouse - River island
Scarf - Grandma's old

Ring - Topshop

 After a week in bed, it was great to go back to school. I possibly won't feel like this after this week and especially when the exam week starts but it doesn't matter. Today I was really happy to be at school.

Now I'll continue my day with my dear friends, Ben, Jerry and Stephen Fry♥. Almost a perfect day for me!

Hope your week has started well♥!


Marisa Noelle said...

Oh yes, I love Ben and Jerry's!! Half baked is my favorite, but now I want to try this flavor...dangerous indeed. Anyhow, you look gorgeous as always. I love your bold jacket and that ring is the cutest!!

Laura said...

Marisa Noelle - baked alaska's my favourite but this was soo good as well! and thank you, darling:) x

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