Thursday, 10 November 2011

i set fire to the rain


Today was not a good day. You know, one of those days when you just wake up and everything seems to go wrong from the moment you get out of bed... So instead of dwelling on misery - which I'm most likely just imagining - I started digging for nicer photos taken on nicer days to cheer me up a bit.

These are from this week; chilling with the wee cathead, wearing woolly socks and lighting up the fire. You don't need that much to make a good night, it's always about the little details. Love how it's already cold enough so you can sit in front of the fire place. This was the first time this year, and can't wait for more of these days to come, when you can just watch the fire and drink hot chocolate. And have melted marshmallows+chocolate between two digestives, ah. They're the best thing ever.

Hoping that tomorrow I'll wake up to birds chirping, sun shining, someone bringing breakfast to bed, and everything nice... I wish.


Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

I love your work, you have great sense for this!
Please see mine and maybe follow ?

Anonymous said...

Oh my word your cat is adorable! It's good you're not dwelling, it's hard to pick yourself up when you're upset but you feel much better when you do - you have more enery and a laugh can just make you feel so much better.

miss vintage vixen. said...

Gotta love the cold weather that gives you an excuse to sit by the fireplace!

Laura said...

Isabella - thank you, hun! I'll have a look at your blog! x

Katie - haha, that she is! and you're absolutely right there, dear:) x

miss vintage vixen. - so true! x

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