Sunday, 13 November 2011

sunday's (still) my favourite day

Hat - Seppälä
Top & Cardi - H&M
Skirt - Primark

 My Sunday's consisted of eating well (like nearly every Sunday!), helping mama at the church (she's working for the parish, atm), homework and rejoicing about my new shoes. I'll show the shoes once I've time and urge to do it, haha. Also it's starting to look like I don't have to think about Christmas presents for the family for much longer. I'm so early with this this year, it's not even mid-November! Can't wait for December to begin, I haven't been this excited for Christmas in a long time! Yesterday I went and bought an advent calendar for my cat, it's got milk and catnip buttons:> I'm so excited for her, but for some reason she didn't seem to share the feeling of excitement when I was waving the calendar in front of her face...

Did you have a nice Sunday♥? (Don't dare to ask if any of you are already waiting for Christmas.. It is November after all!)



rebecca said...

I love Sundays too! They're beautifully lazy. All I've done all day is read. Sounds like you've had a lovely day too. I didn't even know they made cat advent calendars...

danniekate said...

cute hat lovely! xoxo

Jo said...

I adore your leopard beanie! <3 So so gorgeous!

Lost in the Haze

little henry lee said...

i can't believe how quickly christmas is coming along! and i love your beret by the way.

Laura said...

rebecca - that's exactly what sundays are like, love them, and reading all day sounds perfectly lovely, hun:) and this was the first time i saw a cats' advent calendar too! x

danniekate - thank you, sweetie! x

Jo - thank you, dear! x

little henry lee - ken! the autumn's going so fast:) thank you, petal! x

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