Sunday, 6 November 2011

little lions

Dress - Self-made
Underdress - 2nd hand
Cardi - Zara

We had tea at mama's friend's last night and it was good. Though, I must say that I quite like being a hostess myself, then you can decide what to eat (which is really essential for me as I'm pretty fussy..). But anyway, the food was alright and I was - and still am - feeling better and not having fever anymore. Obviously, as i was leaving the house..

I used to sleep in this little "room" in the hallway upstairs, and my parents strapped a curtain-thingy for me as a sort of a baldachin. I've always been keen on baldachins! :-) The little lions in these curtains are so sweet. I think they were actually made for my big brother when he was wee. 'Cause the lions were in his room, nobody would scare him in the night and all that. Cute!


danniekate said...

sweet post - love your poses! xoxo

Laura said...

danniekate - thank you, dear! x

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