Wednesday, 16 November 2011

hey, i put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right

(A Cleopatra-ghost, 'cause she's trying to get into every picture!)

 Some weeks ago we were at Haparanda, and I saw that Skopunkten had a 'three for the price of two' -bargain. I didn't have money at the time, as I'm really skint nowadays.. So I asked mama to take me to Sweden again to see if the bargain was still valid. We live some 35km from the border, so going to Sweden isn't something that special and Haparanda certainly doesn't feel like being abroad. You can pay with euros, even they have kronas as they currency, haha. Anyway, they still had the 'three for the price of two' and you bet I was a happy lassie!

Bought two wedges for myself and a pair for my sister as a Christmas present. Together they were ~90e. The black ones are nearly identical to the Vagabonds I wanted, only the Vagabonds are more expensive than these three together.. The ones for my sister (below) are the same as my black ones. Black's a more practical colour for me; goes with everything and I can't get it dirty as easily as light colours. The leopard wedges' heels are a little smaller than the other two's and they don't go as high as well. But love all the shoes♥. I'm a top sister for buying such amazing presents!

 Also I got some stuff from my godmother, yay! I got a new Moomin -mug, everyone really knows I love them, haha! Another thing that people seem to know I like is aphorisms. Got this wee book:

 "Do noble things, not dream them all day long." -Charles Kingsley

Oh hiya, cutie socks!



Emmi said...

Aaa ihania kenkiä ja maailman sulosimmat sukat <3

Laura said...

Emmi - kiitos! eikö ookin! :) x

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