Thursday, 1 September 2011

you're never too old to play

Tops&Skirt - H&M
Shoes - 2nd hand
Bag - I've made it for mama

 I've had this youth club for children aged 6-12 for nearly 5 years. (And before that mama was the 'leader'.) This was supposed to be the first time this year and I was rather excited - and one child came. There's been a year's pause in the club as I've been away but hopefully everyone will realize I'm back now. I quite enjoy working with children and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who's been in the club during these past years. You get quite attached to them when you see them once a week and also on the bus when going to school, haha. The redness of my face is explaned by the fact that we played hopscotch for almost an hour! The club is the church's and it's good to get payed for playing, haha!

I only realized that the pictures didn't have my shoes in properly and the light was behind my head when I got home. Try to bear with me!

 I had already sorted these shoes on "things that I'm selling/giving away" but had to rethink this. I have so few flat shoes that I think I'll need these! And they are pink and cute..


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