Saturday, 10 September 2011


 Mama collected this Moomin -set for me, she's the cutest. You could collect these stickers from shops to buy them half-priced. I'm starting to think that when I move away all my things will be Moomin -themed! But, suppose it's not that bad. And they are pretty. So excited for these, finally I have a proper set and not just millions of mugs:-D! And these adventure Moomin -illustrations are so lovely! (One could think I get paid to hype about all this Moomin stuff.. But I don't, I just love them..)

 This outfit is from this week, I'd say from Wednesday, but can't be sure! I've been more or less ill all week, so everything's a bit of a blur. And my morning-eyes aren't worth seeing, that's why the blindfold.

Top - New look
Shirt - H&M
Shorts - Dad's old
Blazer - H&M
Scarf - 2nd hand
Shoes - New look
Necklace - Vero moda/Gift
Ring - H&M
+Bag - Marimekko


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

So sweet! x hivenn

Laura said...

Jazzy E - thank you, dear! x

Pierrot le Fou said...

Moomins :D <3

Pretty look

Schnuersenkelrolltreppentod said...

Oh My God.. I Love The Moomins! :)

Laura said...

Pierrot le Fou - thank you, petal! they're so sweet haha:) x

Schnuersenkelrolltreppentod - i know! how could someone not love them? :) x

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