Friday, 23 September 2011


Yesterday I walked in the rain and thought it'd be nice to take pictures of myself after it. Like my hair in these though, even it's partially wet! This past year I've used make-up more often than usually and this week was the first days I actually went to school without any make-up. Don't know when my life got like this, I used to be au naturel (not naked) half the week.

Partly I'm blaming last year's not-so-early mornings. I got to sleep an hour longer than in Finland on school mornings and therefore I had more time to put on my face. But suppose it's vanity as well. Especially last year, in Scotland. I was meeting new people all the time and that kind of makes you want to make the effort and look your best. I really like doing my make-up and dressing up - even I was just going to stay home. However, I've decided to have more days without make-up from now on.


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