Tuesday, 13 September 2011

cats in my ears

Cardi - KappAhl
Vest - H&M
Top - Present from France
Jeggings - KappAhl

 This is what I wore yesterday. I had quite forgotten about this vest! Loved it a couple of years ago when I bought it and now I've refound my love. Gives a little 'something extra' to a casual outfit.

I'm really busy now with school so I can't promise to be blogging that often. I might, I might not. I had my English listening comprehension today (which was eeeasy!) and the written part of the exam is next week. As is my history exam. I've been watching history documents a lot lately, they're more interesting than just reading from a book. Fingers crossed these exams will go as well as the listening!

I received a letter from my sister yesterday. Letters are always a nice surprise:) Corresponding via letters should be more common. But to the letter.. She sent these earrings with it and asked if I'd like to have them. And I did. They are my sisters old but she had used them only once or twice (,which isn't that unusual for her). How cute are the cats!


MateaTPol said...

cool blog :)

Laura said...

Matea TPol - thank you dear! x

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