Monday, 19 September 2011

this would've been something else

Hey! I started writing this rather enthusiastically but everything didn't go as planned. Blogger won't let me upload photos or anything.. So what I'd like to ask is, is it only me or are other people experiencing this as well?
xoxo Laura


Stella said...

Hey Laura! It is most probably the kind of image you upload. Blogger lets us post JPEGS, PNG, GIF, etc. Check your file, perhaps it is saved in some different file type. (It may be a TIFF or a HTML or a ZIP)

That's all I;ve got, I hope it helps though!
Have a happy week!

Laura said...

Stella - thank you for this, really kind of you:) the files were jpegs so i don't really know what was happening. everything's fine now, but cheers anyway, love! :) x

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