Sunday, 2 October 2011

what i do on rainy days


It's been raining all weekend - and outside the weekend as well. I kind of like it. Not walking/standing/being in rain but rain in general. And I don't mind it if it's a slight rain, that can be quite refreshing. Rain always reminds me of Scotland and brings back many good memories. Even the actual idea of being outside in the cold and wet isn't pleasant, I suppose i associate rain with lovely things.

Anyway, i haven't been out in the rain this week. I've been sewing (well, mainly drawing patterns)!

 How beautiful are my button boxes! They're what I wanted from my grandma, I always played with the buttons when I was wee. The two first boxes are really old, from the times when my grandparents lived in the USA for ~5 years, the two others are newer ones.

 Hope your October has started well♥!


dunia kecil indi said...

cute boxes, remind me of my grands too. so, you can sew? cool! i love design but can't sew :(
btw, i miss rainy day so much. the weather is so dry and hot here..

Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Such lovely rainy-day activities! What are you knitting there?

x Michelle |

Laura said...

dunia kecil indi - yeh, i'm not an expert but i've sewn quite a few things. it's not that difficult to learn, hun! :) x

Michelle - that should be a circular scarf at some point! x

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