Sunday, 23 October 2011

i am lost, i am vain

Beret - Seppälä (new!)
Body - 2nd hand
Trousers - Can't remember, somewhere in London..

You ken what day it is: Sunday, my favourite. I'll just be in the kitchen for the rest of the day. Making roast chicken and chocolate cake.

Don't like it when people say someone's going to make a good wife. Especially when some of mama's friends say that to me (after having my roast dinner) and trying to find out if there's 'someone special' in my life.. But I think I actually might make a good wife.. At least I'd know how to cook, hehe:) (Not that I was planning to get married, or having that 'someone special'!)


danniekate said...

two thumbs up to the hat! xoxo

Paula said...

thanks! you look lovely too, i sooo like your hat! :P

erica marie said...

Cute trousers yum roast chicken sounds delicious. I definitely need to work on my cooking skills.

xo erica

Karin (Wunderlust) said...

this is wonderful xxx

Laura said...

danniekate - cheers, lovely! x

Paula - thank you, darling! x

erica marie - thank you, hun! suppose there's always room for improvement for everyone, hehe:) x

Karin - thank you, dear! xx

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