Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Vintage Rose

 Finally I finished something! I've had so many patterns for weeks now and I had planned to sew a little this October break. I started one dress, started another one, started this red dress... Actually hate working like that and not finishing anything! But I made this one in one day and I'm really liking it. The pattern is from Ottobre Design (5/2011) and the name of the dress is Vintage Rose. My print isn't exactly vintage rose, but there's these small green roses and other flowers as well. I think it's rather sweet:). For a change I didn't have any difficulties with the pattern or with the sewing, so it was really pleasant to sew. I'd love to get my other projects finished soon, now that I've started.. If I manage to sew a dress - or something else - together, you can be sure to hear about it, hehe! :)

 Today, in addition to sewing, I've been tidying the house up a little. Found my dad's old tripod to the old Canon I have, in my room. I had never realized that one could use it for a newer camera as well! But, so it happens that my wee camera fits into the tripod quite nicely and that solves quite a few of my problems. I don't like people taking pictures of me as much as taking them myself, you see. So normally, I use the self-timer and put my camera on some kind of a surface. Now with the tripod I'll have so much more freedom to photograph. Such a nice surprise!


P.S. I got a little excited with the pictures, so there's a lot of them. Don't hesitate to tell me what you think, sweeties:) !


Buki Oni said...

Wow, you made it in a day! It a gorgeous dress, very 1940s, love it!

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh my...gorgeousness!! I really want to take up sewing again...seeing this totally inspires me. The dress is beautiful...both the pattern and print are stunning:)

Laura said...

Buki Oni - thank you, lovely! x

Marisa Noelle - i know, seeing other people's sewings always inspires me, and yet i never seem to have as much time for sewing as i'd like to! and thank you, darling:) x

Leanna Kay said...

Ohhhh my gosh, that is so totally ADORABLE. I love the pattern, and the style is super cute. You look really pretty.

Laura said...

Leanna Kay - why thank you, dear! x

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