Saturday, 15 October 2011

muh new bubbas

 As a start for the October break, I went shopping yesterday. I really needed shoes for winter but I also found other things, hehe. Now I'm fully prepared for winter! Did I tell you that we got our first snow already? Only for one morning but anyway.. I wasn't that happy when I woke up and the ground was all white, after all it's only October. The proper snow could wait till November, at least. And when it comes, I'll have shoes fit for the weather. Bought the shoes from Seppälä (~40e). Think these are really nice:)

You could lace them up all the way but to be honest it doesn't look that good.. Much better with the fur showing. It's funny how a new pair of shoes can make a lassie happy!

 I suppose other cat owners have the same problem, if you can call this a problem. Cleopatra always trys to get her face into a picture when I'm taking one! Mostly they turn out to be really unflattering, but she's still cute. Look at her wee face♥!



Minna said...

Ihanat käännettävät reunukset noissa kengissä!

Laura said...

Minna - kiitos! itekkin tykkään:) x

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