Tuesday, 11 October 2011

when i find myself in times of trouble...

(picture from here)

...Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Probably one of my favourite Beatle-songs. I never listen to this anymore, come to think of it, even though it is my favourite. That has to change!

Mother Mary hasn't come to me, not that I was having trouble in its real sense. Paul McCartney'll be touring in Finland on the 12th Dec and, as a fan of both him and The Beatles, I'd love to go. Mama just told me about this today, otherwise I had never known events of such significance were about to happen..

I'm just wondering if it really will be worth the money to go there. The tickets, the train to Helsinki and back and so. And I should be buying shoes for the winter and books for school, as well as saving money so I could afford my trip to Paris (in May, fingers crossed!). I mean, I love Macca, he's always been my favourite Beatle. It'd most likely be amazing to see him live, and still I think it'd make me immensely sad, seeing him alone. It brings tears to my eyes to see The Beatles split up in every bloody documentary etc there is!

The tickets go on sale on 17/10 so I still have time to think about this, haha.. Would you recommend it:) ?