Monday, 8 October 2018

project 365: week forty

 274: I started the week the right way by going to a museum. This tiny building that I usually walk by when on my way to uni is a hospital museum, and I never knew! It used to be the hospital gatekeeper's house and inside they have exhibition rooms about the oldest hospital in Finland (i.e the one in Turku) and the history of medicine and all that. It was cool.

 275: Doing all the October bujo things.

 276: More bujoing. My habit tracker is full of the most basic things, just so that I remember to do them all. It's pretty boring but somewhat helpful.

 277: Some of my Portugal pictures that I got developed arrived! I really want to get more of my photos done like this and maybe put them in albums or scrapbooks or something. I've also some developed film from my box camera waiting for me at my mum's so I'm excited to see those when I next visit!

 278: Really autumnal. It feels like autumn came really quickly, as if one day I was out in no tights and no coat and the next it was all windy and rainy and cold and I needed to get a coat, some gloves and even my winter boots out. It's v. pretty, though.

 279: Eating random roast veg and sun-dried tomatoes. Actually had a better version of this with more varied and colourful veg the next day but this is the dinner I took a picture of..

280: Pumpkin pancakes! My new favourite thing.

What did you get up to the first week of October?


Hena Tayeb said...

What a cute little museum.
I am impressed you your film.. I haven't used film in years!

Laura Jones said...

Hena Tayeb - isn't it, hun! and thank you, ha! i wish i did it more than i do - there's just something really satisfying of it being more 'concrete' and not being instant like most things these days. xx

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