Friday, 13 April 2018

second hand flowers and spring

 Since there's virtually no spring flowers yet, I'm wearing tiny flowers of my own - in the form of this jumper. Which I would've really liked anyway, but obviously like more knowing that it was a second hand shop find for a couple of Euros. I love second hand shops. 

 Coat - Vintage // Jumper - 2nd hand // Jeans&Shoes - H&M // Bag - Sister's old/Marimekko

 I had nothing much planned to write about for this post, so I'm obviously going to talk about the weather. Recently I'd find myself frustrated wondering where spring is, not even realizing it's clearly already here. And the fact that I now live in the south hadn't perhaps quite registered. Here's the difference: yesterday my mum (who lives in the north where I grew up) sent me pictures telling she's still been skiing on the river and evidently there's still lots of snow. Whereas I've been putting my winter coats and other things into storage, seen people outside in t-shirts (something people in the UK and in southern Finland apparently have in common, will never understand how these people basically get undressed at the first sight of some sunlight). So I've now retired this jacket from this season, most of the snow you can see in these pictures has now melted, and I'm trying to be less moany. It's meant to be +18°C next week which is basically summer, after all!

Only after taking these pictures at the park surrounding the Turku Art Museum, I did some research to discover that the statue behind me is "The statue of friendship between Leningrad and Turku" (Leningrad now being St. Petersburg). The four hugging figures now make more sense. The park has other statues as well, and I definitely prefer the ones with swans and cranes. But for a bit me and my tiny embroidery flowers were part of this strange giant-hug. And will probably be again in the future when it gets even warmer as I was scouting for nice picnic spots in the park that I can return to!



Kati said...

Same here - I just love second hand shops and flea markets!
That jumper is a great find!

Almost Stylish

Gail J said...

I will def go to the UK this year! I will let you know lovely!

Corinne said...

That place looks stunning! I'm also wondering when spring will appear. We had some sun today finally!

Corinne x

Panty Buns said...

The grounds around the Turku Art Museum made a wonderful backdrop for your outfit photos.
Hopefully the world will have more statues of friendship in the future despite there being a not at all benevolent war-mongering tyrant posing as president here in the U.S..
The customs regarding the shedding of clothing in Finland sound fascinating.
The embroidered flowers on your white jumper are beautiful. The white jumper and dark blue denim jeans look fabulous together, and you look fabulous wearing them!
Best wishes for a beautiful Spring now that the snow has melted!

FashionRadi said...

Adorable jumper! Sending some sunshine your way since there is lots of it here! :)

Laura Jones said...

Kati - they really are the best, hun! and thank you, i think so too! xx

Gail J - aw yes! good good, hopefully will be able to see you, chick! xx

Corinne - it really is quite lovely, and even more so in the summer! and hopefully you'll get more sunny days soon, dear! xx

Panty Buns - thank you so much! and i agree, i'd much rather have friendship and unity as statues or otherwise than what you actually have at the moment. hope fully things will turn out for the better. and hope you're having a wonderful spring too, pal! xx

FashionRadi - thank you, love! hoping to receive that sunshine soon, haha! :-) xx

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