Friday, 20 April 2018

helsinki bits

Here's just some more little pictures from when I was in Helsinki with my mum. And I have plans to go back next week as well, so if I get up to anything exciting I might post some more Helsinki things!

In between visiting the Sinebrychoff Art Museum and the Mumin Kaffes, we walked by the cathedral (and I always feel like I need to take a photo of it!), visited the Helsinki City Museum (for my research!), walked by the Helsinki Old Church (that I don't remember seeing before) and had lunch (not at a Moomin cafĂ© - shocking!). I also tried to take my mum and I for a quick look at the National Library, that's meant to be a beautiful building, without realizing that you can't just walk in as you need to leave everything in lockers etc. and that they had multiple exhibitions on, and we didn't have enough time for all that. So that was left for another visit. I'm looking forward to that, and other visits I have planned.

If you're in Helsinki and have time, the City Museum is worth seeing. I've visited a couple times now because of my thesis work, which is why my Helsinki visits have been much more frequent lately. And it is one of the free museums in the city and does have some interesting exhibitions and exhibits. This time was my first time venturing into the children's town section (which clearly is aimed more for children), and it was fun. I always love the museum sections where you can try on clothes and wish they actually did those for adults more often. I would a 100% wear those sailor accessories in real life. They also had little nostalgic rooms from a school or a grandparents' house that you could experience that were nice. And if you're interested there's also a little VR exhibition, which is what I'm studying, haha!

I always say I don't really care for Helsinki, but for someone who doesn't care for Helsinki I have a lot of trips planned and there is a lot in the city that I want to see. Most importantly, I have a Moomin walk I've planned for years. And for almost a year now I've also planned on exploring the Hietaniemi cemetery, mainly to visit all the presidents' graves. But those are both things I want to do in the summer, so if you're into the Moomins or cemeteries that's the kind of content that's probably going to happen at some point this year. Because Moomins and cemeteries are basically my two main interests. And museums.



Sydney said...

I've always wanted to visit Helsinki, I guess from a mixture of growing up on Finnish bands and Moomins, but I actually know very little about it so it's really awesome getting a glimpse through your blog. I love both Moomins and cemeteries, so I'll look forward to those future posts!

FashionRadi said...

What a fun trip! Visiting museums is always such a great experience. I haven't been to one in a long time, but will look into visiting one in my city soon.

Gail J said...

ive always wanted to go there but im afraid it would be too cold for me lol

Laura Jones said...

Sydney - aw, that's lovely! hope you get to visit at some point. thank you, honey! xx

FashionRadi - yes, i do love museum visits! and hope you'll have a nice visit when and wherever you end up going, doll! xx

Gail J - haha! you should go - it's not any colder than manchester most of the year, chicken! xx

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