Monday, 30 April 2018

project 365: week seventeen

 113: I thought I was starting the week well with some ice cream, only remembering I'm supposed to be glutenfree half-way through this tub. This brownie one was the only lactose-free ice cream of this size (i.e. not a huge tub and not a single ice lolly) at my usual supermarket, so I'll have to start going someplace else for all my ice cream needs!

 114: Excited to wear more summery clothes like this crop top because it's been fairly warm.

 115: The days and nights are getting lighter and brighter, so this was the last night I had my fairly lights on. I liked them on my table in a little jug but would always forget to unplug them during the day which is such a waste, so they're in storage now.

 116: On most of the days the weather's looked really nice, but I've either felt a bit poorly and stayed inside or I've been making myself stay inside to do research/study. I could possibly start doing all my reading outside, though?

 117: Actually was out and about in the city running errands!

 118: Walked by my neighbourhood church on my evening walk. It's really pretty, and I also saw three pheasants on this walk which always makes me happy because I am obsessed with pheasants. This was probably the most exciting thing about last week for me, haha!

119: Coming back to glutenfree food: I've struggled a bit in finding bread products I like, but have found lots of other glutenfree things that are good. Like a lot of noodles and pasta, like this.

What did you do last week?


Chiara said...

I am so with you on the lighter days and nights. It’s so nice to wake up with the light coming through the windows and to start wearing more summery clothes! Good luck on finding good gluten free bread products - I’ve found that they are few and far between unfortunately x

Nora Gouma said...

Love your breathtaking pictures, all look beautiful, thank you for sharing.


Anya Dryagina said...

Beautiful photos dear!

Valerie Price said...

I'm loving all these photos! The summer top is so cute, and that church is so beautiful!

Laura Jane Atelier said...

yummy that ice cream looks good, I love your top too

Corinne said...

Bread products that are gluten free aren't great! I'd rather just not eat it, haha.

I heard that dairy free ben and jerrys isnt that nice anyway, so you're not missing out if it has gluten in it.

Corinne x

Laura Jones said...

Chiara - so true, and i'm also waiting for the weather to stay on the warmer side more consistently now! haha, thanks, chick! i know, it really does seem like that. xx

Nora Gouma - thank you, lovely! xx

Anya Dryagina - thank you, pet! xx

Valerie Price - thank you, thank you, honey! xx

Laura Jane Atelier - thanks, hun! xx

Corinne - i know, girl! i'm sure there's some that are good, but it doesn't feel worth it to put money into terrible and quite expensive products to find the few okay ones! i've actually had it before and i quite like it, although obviously it doesn't taste the same as "normal" ice cream. i'll just have to try the other ones that don't have brownie pieces i.e. gluten in them, haha! xx

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