Monday, 2 April 2018

project 365: week thirteen

 085: Running errands in the city and it's so exciting to see more stalls appear at the market square. Now they've mostly been Easter/spring flowers, but pretty sure there'll be more within a month or two. I am very much looking forward to buying veg, fruit and berries from local sellers once it's time for all that!

 086: Made some gluten-free brownies. Not sure why I chose to make these when brownies in general aren't really my favourite, but I still ate them all (in a couple of days).

 087: Received an Easter card from my mum!

 088: My plan was to take some outfit photos in the city, but honestly the pictures I took of wildlife turned out better than the ones of me.

 089: I was really excited for Easter and my Easter eggs.

 090: I did get some daffodils from the market square, but that is as far as my Easter decorations went, really.

091: No matter how excited I was for Easter, I ended up being ill in bed the whole holiday/weekend. (If you're interested in that more, you can check out last week's chronic pain post.) It's a bit dispiriting that all my plans were for nothing - especially since Easter is my favourite holiday, but I've been recovering today (Easter Monday) and finally getting into my Easter food/chocolate. This year for me Midnight Mass turned into sleeping, Easter Sunday Mass turned into sleeping and Easter Monday Mass turned into listening to podcasts in a dark room. (My Easter plans were basically just going to church, having walks outside, eating and maybe watching some films, so I suppose I didn't really miss out on anything that exciting. Still would've preferred that to being poorly.)

Hope you all had the best Easter (or bank holiday if you don't celebrate)!


Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

I'm biggest fan o this project, as I said!!! you have the most amazing recaps :D

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Laura Jones said...

Miguel Gouveia - thank you, that's lovely to hear, hon! xx

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