Sunday, 14 May 2017

mother-daughter trip

Playsuit - H&M
Bag - Mum's old
Sunglasses&Shoes - Citymarket
Expression - Furiously eating an ice lolly

Blouse - Mum's old
Skirt - Diy/Dad's old
Bikini top - Sister's old
Hat - ASOS (I think)
Sunglasses&Shoes - Citymarket
Expression - Amused&content, but trying&failing not to show it

It's Mother's Day again for me today, so I thought I'd finally share these photos from a road trip my mum, her friend and I took last summer. (I've actually remembered my mum on three Mother's Days this year; the UK, the Portuguese and the Finnish one. How lucky is she, eh!) We drove to the more northern parts of Lapland in Finland and then Norway. And when I say we, I don't mean myself since I don't drive and just sat in the car enjoying life, haha! The trip was quite short but it was amazing and I have so much love for the new parts of Finland I discovered and so much love for Norway. Norway had been on the top of my travel list for so long, and even after visiting it is still there. I definitely want to explore both Norway and Lapland more; they are favourites. (I know I grew up in Lapland, but there is such a difference between the south and the north - and both a worth visiting!) I'm not even always sure which photos are from which country, and it doesn't matter too much as both are stunning. You can see I was proper on holiday from my questionable fashion choices. I basically never wore a top on the trip as it was so hot all the time. You might not expect that from Lapland, but it was boiling. Swimming in the Arctic Ocean was absolutely one of the highlights of the trip as well. This was the furthest up north I've travelled and also the first time going north in the summer, and making another trip like this this summer is definitely on my mind. I know I usually tell people Finland/Lapland is "orite" when I'm asked, but honestly it's so good and you should really plan a visit. Experiencing it in different seasons is such a thing as well, considering the changes that occur. The winter is so white and bare and possibly what most people imagine and come to see. The colours in the autumn are incredible and it's usually a really good time to go hiking. But I think the summer is my favourite at the moment. Just look at all that nature (and we didn't even get a lot of mosquitoes). (The spring is alright too, a lot like the winter, though! With some added sun and the snow slowly melting away.)

Have you been to these parts of the world, have I made you want to visit at all?


Hena Tayeb said...

beautiful pictures.. looks like a lovely day spent with your mum

Laura Jones said...

Hena Tayeb - thank you, lovely! and yes, it was a really good few days! xx

nocturn 66 said...

Wow your travel photography is amazing, and can't believe you go that shot for the reindeer, no I have not been to this part of the world and yes I do want to go. But have been to Mount Rainer in the PNW of the U.S which is kind of similar.


Laura Jones said...

Allie - thank you so much, hen, that's so lovely to hear! there's so many reindeer in lapland that you're almost guaranteed to get some kind of a good shot of them, tbh, haha! and that area looks beautiful, too (had to google it, of course!) :-) xx

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