Wednesday, 17 May 2017

lagos: day one

From Faro I headed to Lagos for a few days and these are photos from my first day. After the initial walk around the city, I made it to the beach. One of the many beaches in Lagos. I walked by Meia Praia, Praia da Batata and Praia do Pinhão before settling in Praia d'Ana. It was just so pleasant. I wouldn't describe myself as a beach holiday type of a person (Hadn't been on one for over a decade before Easter, haha!), but I did thoroughly enjoy it. Getting up early (-ish), packing my camera, book and food, and just going to the beach for most of the day was very much my experience in Lagos. I did see some other sites than the beaches, but the beaches were definitely my main focus. (Which is also why I'm now tanner than I've been in over a decade - usually I try to stay out of the sun!) The water is so blue and the cliffs are so gorgeous. I spent a good time exploring the little "caves" and other nooks on the beaches, as well as looking for the perfect seashell. Although I found some nice ones, I didn't find the perfect one - Moomins have lied to me as I can never find seashells as pretty as they do! I would say I preferred Faro to Lagos; it's just a bit less touristy and maybe has more things to see. But, I still really loved Lagos and it is the place to be if you're looking for a beah holiday. And it is stunning.


Joanna Joy said...

These are beautiful pics of Lagos. Thank you for sharing. I hope to visit someday.

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

I'm Portugueses, as you know, but I never visited Algarve!! Sounds an amazing place to take a sun and relax :D You need to visit Lamego :P

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Hanna Painter said...

wow amazing place!!


splendid my dear lovely photo
kisses <3<3<3

Kim said...

Beautiful photos! I've never seen so many seashells in one place!

Simply Lovebirds

Laura Jones said...

Joanna Joy - thank you, lovely! hope you get to go soon:-) xx

Miguel Gouveia - ohh, you really should go, hun! and i'll add lamego on my places-to-visit-list for the next time i'm in portugal! :-) xx

Hanna Painter - it really is, chick! xx

BABALUCCIA - thank you, pet! xx

Kim - thank you, dear! i hadn't either before visiting the algarve region! xx

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