Monday, 1 May 2017

faro: day one

During my Easter holidays I ventured further south in Portugal, mainly visiting Faro and Lagos. I loved Faro. These are from my first full day in the city, and in just one day you really can see a lot. Exploring the old town took a lot of my time and was also definitely one of my favorites. The cathedral, museums, the ciy walls - everything is just really impressive and pretty. The views of Faro from the tower of the cathedral are very much worth a visit, and the museums have a good variety of exhibitions; local history, more general Portuguese history, modern art, even a hat exhibition! Wandering around without a real plan was lovely too, you never know what you might stumble upon. That's also how you find more authentic places, especially for food. (Although, I had lunch in the very busy squares of the new town and dinner in a smaller place located on a wee alley, and both had excellent food.) The weather was beautiful the whole time I was in the Algarve. The sea, the sun, some exploration; what more could one ask for? I ended my day at the beach (it's not exacly in the ciy centre, so you're best off taking the bus - otherwise Faro is very walkable!) and with a little swim. What a good day, I wish this was how I was spending my time at the moment.

Have you been to Faro or anywhere else in the Algarve? Let me know your favourite places because I'm definitely thinking about returning someday!


The Reader's Tales said...

Your pictures are sublime. I love Faro and Lagos :)

Laura Jones said...

The Reader's Tales - thank you, lovely! and i do too, such pretty cities! xx

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