Friday, 5 May 2017

faro: yellow florals in the old town

Top&Skirt - Zara
Sandals&Bikini top - Primark
Sunglasses - Citymarket

A lot of these photos are out of focus, but I still kind of like them. (The sun was so bright that I have quite a few crappy photos from my trip, haha!) You might have seen this outfit briefly in my first Faro post. When I bought the top and skirt in last December, I already had Portugal in mind. With thick tights and cardis I was able to wear this outfit in Finland and then transition to the sun in Portugal. Although, a long-sleeved top definitely was not needed, this one really helped me in not burning on my first day! And how cute is this top, anyway? I love the huge collar, the pretty print and the sheer fabric. It also goes so well with the skirt, and the skirt is also great and, most importantly, has great pockets. This was a good day and outfit for exploring - and those are two of my favourite things; exploring and outfits. Definitely in that order.

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Kati said...

These photos are so nice and I love your blouse!

Have a great day,
Almost Stylish

Laura Jones said...

Kati - thank you, dear! i love it too, it's a goood'un:-) xx

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