Sunday, 30 June 2013

blog lovin' an' followin'

In primary we had an English book series called "Follow me" and the theme song from all the listening comprehensions and such is now stuck in my head. I can only remember it beginning "Follow me, are you ready? (Ti di!)" and I spent forever trying to find the song on youtube or somewhere. Apparently, over-decade-old English songs designed for Finnish primary school children aren't that popular that you could find them anymore..

Anyway, I've mentioned this before but it'd mean the world to me if all of you lovelies would continue following this wee blog of mine via bloglovin' (Go on, you know you want to!). If you haven't already, you can import all the blogs you read to bloglovin' here.


Isabel said...

I'm surprised the Google Reader finally was shut down. They've been talking about this for years!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Laura said...

Isabel - i know, dear! x

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