Friday, 7 June 2013

tea time

I don't like tea. How very un-British of me. (But to be fair, my mum is Finnish and loves tea, and dad who was English never drank tea.) I had to change my ways and have a cuppa though, as mum sent me the cutest tea ever. This is possibly the first time I've had tea in more than five years, haha! But with cute names, yummy-smelling flavours and pictures of the Moomins, how could I say no? "Moominmamma's Magic Potion" with rhubarb and strawberry flavours. "Sweetheart" with wild strawberry flavour. "I should know!" with lemon flavour. And "Go for it!" with blueberry muffin flavour. Sounds so good! I've only tried the blueberry muffin one and, as always with tea, was disappointed. Why does it smell so good and then the taste is such a let down and nowhere near the amazing smell? But I suppose tea drinkers would like these anyway. I'm just not one of those people!

Have a good weekend, all you lovelies♥!


Rebecca said...

This tea looks so very cute! We don't have that cartoon character in Canada but it is very sweet and I do love tea!!


Juliette Laura said...

Oh these are so so cute! We don't have those characters in the US, but they seem so sweet!
Thanks for visiting Infinite Style!

Juliette Laura

Lala H said...

im a coffee person but i do like to have tea once in a while. I got into drinking tea after i meet my husband. Indian's make the best chai tea :) those packets looks so cute!

Delightful Ideas

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Those are so cute! I'm more of a coffee girl but I love tea when I'm sick or cold.

nicoleta buru said...

Awww, this is awesome, my love.

Have a great weekend!


Style Servings said...

So cute!

Alysha said...

The packaging for this tea is so adorable. I'm not a huge tea drinker either, but my aunt makes the most delicious of teas. Oh, and I've read your about me and I completely agree with you on Edinburgh :)

kb said...

Oh man the Moomins are too cute it hurts! They sound like they taste delicious! I'm British too and not all that into flavoured tea - I just like good old Early Grey :) x

Imogen said...

So sweet! I am the only one in my family who doesn't drink tea despite our British heritage.

Tallia said...

This is the cutest little things! And haha that's funny about your parents. I absolutely love tea but I loathe coffee so I guess you are either one or the other

danniekate said...

where can you buy these?! i'm obsessed with tea! xx

Bel said...

Oh my god, I had no idea such a thing existed! This is so cool! Love the pictures too, I think your blog is really cool :) xx

Isabel said...

they sounds yummy!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Laura said...

Rebecca - i know, they're the cutest, dear! x

Juliette Laura - so they are, sweets! they're my favourites:-) xx

Lala H - i'm a coffee person too, love! tea often looks cuter, though:-) x

Krysten - same, i've been drinking coffee since i was three, haha! but i wish i liked tea so i could have it on those cold days or when sick! at least you can do that, honey! xx

nicoleta buru - cheers, hun! x

Style Servings - i have to agree with you on that, pet! x

Alysha - ah, maybe i just haven't had someone make me the perfect tea yet, haha.. and i love you for loving edinburgh, chick! x

kb - oh, i know, i love the moomins! they do sound delicious, but then they just taste like tea, doll! x

Imogen - oh, i'm the only one who doesn't drink tea in my family as well, lady! (if you don't count my dad, and i don't!) x

Tallia - i'm the exact opposite of you, lovely, haha! and i suppose, most people prefer either tea or coffee:-) x

danniekate - as far as i know you only get them in finland.. sorry, darling! xx

Bel - this was the first time i saw these myself:-) and thank you, sweetie! x

Isabel - they sure do, hen! (but they taste like tea, which i think is cheating) x

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I am mainly a coffee drinker and rarely drink hot tea but I have been thinking of exploring tea further since many of my friends swear by it.

HighlandFling said...

Moomin tea?!!! Whatttttt? need, not for me, a friend, I don't drink tea either!

Em x

Laura said...

Optimistic Existentialist - i'm a coffee drinker too:-) good luck with your future tea experiences, hon! x

Em - i know, doll, i was so excited to see these! x

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