Monday, 10 June 2013

things i'm looking forward to this summer:

1. Ice cream! (It is so hard to find lactose free food in the UK, so I'm glad I'll be in Finland where us poor souls have been taken into consideration with at least all the usual flavours. Though I have to admit that I can't always resist the temptation and can often be seen eating food (especially ice cream)  filled with lactose. And then I'm ill.)

2. Being reunited with my sewing machine!

3. Getting to go to eat at my favourite places back in Finland! First I'll be wanting to visit my Vietnamese, yum!

4. Swimming in lakes, rivers, ponds and the sea!

5. Ok, seeing mum. And some others of my favourite people.

6. Going through all my things. Before coming to uni we just moved from my childhood home and while being away my mum's moved again to an even smaller house. So she can't store all of my stuff (and my brother and sister's stuff) and I'll need to sort that out. (And possibly throw away lots of things, which is sad.)

7. BBQ and grill food!

8. I'm actually looking  forward to working, haha! I've got a nice job and it pays considerably well, so all's good:-)

9. Exploring Leeds further before going to my mum's, and possibly seeing friends I've not seen in ages!

10. My birthday! I'm usually not excited about my birthday, but it'll be my 21st and maybe people will get me lovely presents, hehe!

11. Reading books I really want to read, instead of all the uni books!

12. Having a garden for the summer! That's one thing I miss having. And apparently mum's started planting some flowers and veg that I can continue taking care of once I'm there. I do love pottering about in the garden!

13. All the summer dresses and others clothes. (Although, I wear the same stuff pretty much all year round. But it feels different.)

There's a few things I'm looking forward to. Have you got any pretty plans made yet?

P.S. The pictures are old ones from last summer!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Mmm bbq, yes please!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This may be my favorite summer post this year!! I love this list - especially reading books and the garden. I also cannot WAIT to play in the ocean next month!

Klara said...

You have such a cute blog, I really like it :) Pictures are super cute. Haha I'm looking forward to ice-cream too, I adore ice-cream <3

Hope you can stop by at my blog sometimes :)

TheMadTwins said...

I want to swim in seas as well and eat ice-cream too :) We're turning 21 as well :D

Sakuranko said...

Oh really lovely pics sweetie!

Chrissa Reed said...

Hi! So glad to have stumbled upon your blog!
I could definitely relate to your reading goal!
Hope you have a lovely holiday :)

Imogen said...

What a great post, so many fun things here> Your post is making me wish it was summer here too.

Marisa Noelle said...

I'm definitely looking forward to heading south to the beach...but that is at the way end of the summer in September for me. But of course ice cream and bbq are up their with my favorites as well :-)

So many lovely things here Laura! Wishing you one amazing summer!

xo Marisa

Bernadeth G. said...

love everything!

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

HighlandFling said...

First off, your pictures are beautiful, and I think we have really similar summer plans, BBQ- check, outdoor swimming- check, summer clothes- check, reading books that I want to and not university ones- check and ALWAYS ice cream! My bestie is lactose intolerant and freezer-less so we buy her Swedish glaze and keep it in our freezer, I think you can get it at most supermarkets in the UK.

Em x

Isabel said...

ive never been to Finland but I hear its beautiful!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Katie Frank said...

oh my <3 those photos are so beautiful, lovely & romantic <3 just can't !

Laura said...

Krysten - my sentiments exactly, lady! x

Optimistic Existentialist - oh, thank you for your lovely comment, hen! x

Klara - thank you so much, love! ice cream definitely is one of the best things in this world, hehe! and will visit your blog soon:-) x

TheMadTwins - ah, here's hoping being 21 will be good for all of us, sweets! x

Sakuranko - thank you, hun! x

Chrissa Reed - hiya! thank you thank you:-) you too, lovely! x

Imogen - thank you, dear! and i always find it so weird how our seasons are the other way around:-) x

Marisa Noelle - ah well, that's something nice to look forward to, as well as your becoming a family of four:-) and thank you, marisa doll! hope you have the best summer, too! xx

Bernadeth G. - cheers, pet! i'll check out your blog soon:-) x

HighlandFling - thank you, honey! that sounds good:-) and i hadn't heard of swedish glace before, will definitely need to check that out! x

Isabel - it's not too bad, chick! x

Katie Frank - aw, thank you so much, darling! x

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