Thursday, 16 June 2011

the world's prettier through heart-shaped glasses

 I went through all my photos I've taken this year, transferred them, deleted them from my hostfamily's computer and once I get to Finland I need to save them all again on my computer there. Ohh, would be so much easier if I had a laptop or a memorystick or something! But I seem to have a lot of pictures I've meant to post but they never got published.. I'm not going to post something from February or so anymore but here's some outfits I found.

Love my sunglasses from Urban Outfitters♥ I'm not good at wearing sunglasses though. I never seem to take them with me when I leave the house. They should be always in my bag 'cause too much sunshine gives me headache, it's awful!

Crop top&over-knees - New look
Shorts - Lindex

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