Sunday, 26 June 2011


Shirt - Mama's old
Tights - My sister had bought them too small..
Belt - Sister's old
Hat - Grandpa's old

Watch - Probs grandpa's old
Rings - Mama&daddy's

While I was in Scotland, the rest of my family had sorted out all the inheritance things. Mama had saved nearly everything for me to go through. (Not that I made her swear she wouldn't throw anything away before I've seen what I want..) Now I have loads of boxes full of things belonging to my grandparents. Everyone else has taken an item or two and the rest is pretty much mine if I want it. I think it's so sad that you should throw away everything one has collected all their lives. 90 years worth of belongings and everyone would be ready to burn the stuff, or sell them.

I've already taken that green hat, it's lovely. It's a tad too big but I think I'll keep it anyway. No-one even knows to whom the watch belonged to but I'm taking that to be fixed. I never wear a watch but now I'm going to! I think my granpa's father has made the strap and anyway I like the rather masculine look of the watch. I've been wearing my parents' wedding&engagement rings for a few days now. Mama hasn't noticed yet so I'm enjoying them as long as I can. She won't be that excited about me having them, she'll think I'll lose them and she couldn't give them to me even if she wanted as my sister would be dying of jealousy.. But I'm hoping to get my grandparents' rings! :)

I'm rather excited (and sad too) to see what is in all the boxes. All the old things are so interesting, especially when they've belonged to someone you love.


annukka said...

Voi mikä kello, hirmu kaunis!! :)

Laura said...

annukka - kiitos, eikö ookin! :)

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