Thursday, 30 June 2011

hoa phong lan

Strange-looking arm I've got there:)

 Mama's going away for the weekend so I made her take me to my favourite Vietnamese, Hoa Phong Lan. Possibly my favourite restaurant. My two regular dishes are pork in tomato sauce and pork in sweet-and-sour sauce. So good! And the deep-fried banana with ice cream is heavenly:)

It's been so hot all this time I've been back in Finland. After Scotland the heat is really something I'm not used to. Anyway, it's great that you can just wear a light dress etc. Even though I've stayed inside more than I should 'cause I just can't bear the heat for too long. Now I was planning to go for a wee swim. Haven't been swimming in the river yet but suppose I'll have to do it some time! And there won't be any better time coming than this.. So long!

I look like I was about to greet. But I wasn't that sad to leave the restaurant.

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