Tuesday, 28 June 2011

home is where your heart is

Shirt - 2nd hand
Skirt&Bikini top - H&M
Watch - Grandpa's old

I've just been chillin' and getting used to this place again. From my syblings I'm the only one who has enjoyed living in the middle of nowhere. I still do. You have your own peace, no-one's staring at you if you're in your bikinis in the front yard (Yeah, we have a yard, not a garden. It's too big and untended that it really isn't a garden.), you could have big parties/gatherings outside. And I've always been the one who gets to decide what we grow outside, all the flowers, trees, vegetables, berries. Inevitably there's a lot of work but it's worth it. Mama and I don't do as much as we could or should, but I like our house as it is. It's a bit like the secret garden; no-one's been there for decades and it's untended yet beautiful. Apart from the fact that someone's always been living here..


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