Sunday, 5 June 2011

making lists makes you happier

Found this list of nice things I want to do (well, some I've already done) that I wrote last month. I love lists! 

1. Go to the pictures with someone to see a crappy movie and just kiss in the back row.
2. Eat Ben&Jerry's for lunch.
3. Chop my hair and see the curls lying on the floor.
4. Spend the day in, chilling in pretty lingerie.
5. Go out for a drink with a friend.
6. Go to the beach, swim, let the sand stick to your wet skin.
7. Give someone a gift without a reason.

8. Or receive a gift without a reason.
9. See my wee baby. (Cleopatra)
10. Go shopping and buy loads of nice things without spending a fortune.
11. Sit in the garden/park and read for hours, with or without company.
12. Paint my favourite places.
13. Talk with someone all night long.
14. Buy a lot of lovehearts and share them with someone, reading the texts aloud.

wreck this box

15. Texting someone just before going to bed.
16. Take a bus somewhere and have an adventure.
17. Have a party and just dance all night.
18. Have a Lord of the Rings -marathon.
19. Have a Harry Potter -marathon.
20. Go on a picnic with some nice people, have some nice food and drinks.
21. Go on a holiday with people you've just met and see how you get on.

22. Go for a swim at midnight.
23. Spend a day in bed with someone, doing nothing and just being there.
24. Sitting in a park/etc. playing "yours, mine" -game.
25. Dress nicely just for yourself when you know you're staying home.
26. Buy books, keep them in piles in your room and enjoy their appearance and smell before starting to read.
27. Go out for breakfast.
28. Read poetry, drink wine/tea and feel so highbrow.
29. Have Alice in Wonderland -tea parties.
30. Watch black&white movies with someone who appreciates them all day.
+31. Do lists of nice things!

P.S. I might love Keri Smith!

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