Wednesday, 15 June 2011

ross fountain

Shirt - Vintage/Diy
Shorts - New look/Diy
Cardi - H&M
Shoes - Topshop

 Yesterday was a great day for going to the park. Hopefully there'll be days like that more this week. Even I can afford sitting in the park. I packed my paints and some food, took the bus and went to Princes Street gardens. I hadn't been to the end where the Ross fountain is before. It's beautiful there and I'll certainly go again if there's another day like yesterday!

That 'no bathing' -sign really changed my plans :( !

Especially as the ducks were ignoring it.

 I also went up Calton Hill once more. It just is my favourite place in Edinburgh. Apparently sitting with a sketch pad attracts people like anything. At the gardens I talked with this sweet old lady, she seemed to like my painting of the fountain and I talked with her for quite a while. At Calton Hill these two men came and asked if i mind them having a look at what I'm painting.

And the japanese are in their own league.. They have always been friendly with me, I really don't understand it! This tourist group was up Calton Hill and they were all looking at me when passing by. One japanese women takes her camera, points at it and then at me. I suppose I must've nodded or done something to encourage her and the next thing I know most of the japanese are taking pictures of me. It's too weird. Everywhere I go, japanese people smile to me or try to talk to me in Japan or English. It's rather nice but so strange!


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