Friday, 3 August 2018

summer violets

 Violets (I will forever call all violaceae violets) are my favourite flowers, so being covered in them is a dream. I first saw this print on a bikini, but as soon as I realized it was a whole beach look I knew it had to be my beach look. So, I have been living in the bikini and in this skirt and top this whole summer.

I had envisioned a different kind of look, vibe and pictures, but this is definitely more representative of summer me. No make-up, wet and curly hair, a different set of - probably wet - bikinis underneath. And these are actually from two different days  (hence the different hats as well) that I happened to be out and about and tricked my mum into taking some pictures without planning it beforehand. It's still so hot that on most days we've been swimming for two or three times a day! So I've actually probably been in a swimsuit more than in actual clothes.

 Top&Skirt - ASOS // Sunglasses - Portobello Market // Sandals - Primark // Straw hat - Anttila // Paper hat - River Island

Honestly, this print is everything. Both my mum and myself (and other people, too) always get violet and viola themed things for me because of my second middle name which has always been my favourite - both the name and the things, to be honest. I know I've mentioned it a million times on here how the name of my blog is a translation of my middle names (Suvi Orvokki = Summer Violet). I feel like I've always been interested in names, the reasons behind everyone's given names and names in general, when they're popular, new ones invented. As a wee one I used to go through my grandma's almanac, looking at all the names and deciding which ones I liked best. And trying to come up with names for all the stories I would write or dolls and toys I would name. I also used to go through my grandma's baby name pamphlet from the 50s from when they were in the States - and I still have the pamphlet. One of my favourite cemetery things is looking at people's names: I even keep a list of ones I find for potential future children or just ones that I happen to like. And the names I often like the most are old and more obscure ones, as well as family names (that I sometimes find in our genealogy book and that I'm currently perusing). Whenever I meet someone new I like to check what their name means and when their nameday is. And even though I might not wish everyone a happy nameday since they aren't that widely celebrated, I usually remember that it is someone's nameday and have it marked in my calendar.

My middle names are more unusual, even in Finland, which is something I've always liked since Laura Jones on its own is the most basic name. Both my siblings have very Finnish names, and Laura was chosen for me instead because of it being more international. Which is useful - never have I had to explain my name, its pronunciation or anything. And Laura is obviously derived from the Latin laurel (lauras/laurus) with the meaning of victor, a crown, a symbol of victory, fame, and honour. One of my middle names was chosen by my sister, but nobody remembers which one (probably Suvi, though, since it's the one I don't like). And both my sister and I have our second middle name ending -kki, which I like to joke about because it also used to be a popular suffix for cows' names back in the day! But even though I love names and knowing more about them, I don't think of them as all-defining. I've personally never been overly attached to my own name, it doesn't define me. At various points in my life I've tried (and mostly failed) using completely different names. If everyone suddenly stopped calling me Laura, I probably wouldn't mind. Yet it is my name. And at the same time I like to plan trips to places called Laura merely because of the name (there's approx. 20). It's funny. Names are just something that interests me.

I'm curious - do you all know the meaning and reasoning behind your names - what are they?



Corinne said...

This is so pretty! I love that your middle names are Summer Violet! Amazing.

Corinne x

Laura Jones said...

Corinne - thank you, lovely! xx

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