Thursday, 26 July 2018

st catherine's

I feel like I only ever have pictures of cemeteries and old churches, but that's what I'm into and that's what you get! These as well as my previous post are from the St Catherine's Church in Turku and you best believe I'm well happy about living in a city with three surviving medieval churches!

The church is originally from the 14th century, but most of the current structures are from the 15th. It's quite pretty inside with the arches and I do love medieval wooden sculptures and statuettes. The graveyard around has a couple of crypts, a chapel and a belfry - all of which are always an added bonus. Something I've also lately been drawn to is the stone or iron (or any kind) benches that are either put beside a grave or that are part of a tombstone. Are they for the spirit of the deceased to sit on or for the loved ones to come and spend some time with the dead with? Either way it's fascinating. I think this was also the first time I saw an ouroboros on a headstone, and I love finding interesting symbols and engravings. My visit was before noon (which is when the church opens during the summer), so instead of lots of visitors the churchyard and cemetery mainly had gardeners pottering about and the sprinklers were still on. So I did get wet even though I tried to avoid some areas, but the sprinklers and the sun created pretty little rainbows all around the cemetery which was cute. And I also met a squirrel friend (my favourite!). All in all, a brilliant little cemetery and church exploration.



Joanna Joy said...

This was a lovely post! I love the old architecture in most chapels. It's always nice to find a cute squirrel running around as well.

Corinne said...

What I stunning place to visit! I totally understand the fascination with churches and graveyards. They are beautiful.

Corinne x

Laura Jones said...

Joanna Joy - thank you, dear! me too, churches and such are one of my favourite places to visit. and i agree with that as well - love a squirrel! xx

Corinne - isn't it! and yes, they really are, hun! xx

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