Monday, 23 July 2018

project 365: week twenty-nine

 197: While at my mum's I've been cleaning and rearranging furniture among other fun things. But then I got distracted by all the records and am currently in the process of listening to all of them (in order to know what to keep, you know..).

 198: A lil' yellow water-lily. Or small yellow pond-lily - I don't see a difference between the two, so can't say which this even is!

 199: My peach bellini ice lollies that I've been making and eating!

 200: It's been so hot the grass ain't even green anymore and I've waited for the sun to set behind these trees most days before going out so that I can find some shade to sit in.

 201: Lil' flowers and bumblebees.

 202: Starting the day with strawberry and basil ice cream, and ending it with homemade chive flower bread and chive flower butter. I'm making chive flower everything at the moment.

203: Stayin' hydrated.


Sakuranko said...

Oh very beautiful photos darling

Laura Jones said...

Sakuranko - thank you, chicken! xx

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