Friday, 31 March 2017

through the years: march

Time for another look into my past outfits of the 2010s:

2012:  I didn't have any posts, never mind outfit posts, from 2011, so here's two from the year after it. I really like the first picture and still wear this vintage dress - although not as often as I should! On the other hand, I only own the cardigan anymore from the second outfit. The cardi was made by my grandma so I don't think I'll ever throw it away. I used to wear lace tops like this all the time, and only recently sold/donated them (surprised I'm wearing an another top underneath, haha!). I kind of want to introduce a denim skirt back into my wardrobe and the shoes (that are part of both outfits) were a favourite that I would not mind owning again. I like March 2012 Laura!

2013: Outfits, cemeteries and Doctor Who references - has anything changed from this? Not noticeably, I think. Still wear my vintage leather jacket all the time, still wear the headband when it's cold, and still wear the wellies when it rains. Even though I don't have the bag and the heart-print skirt anymore, I find them cute. I don't even hate the white tights with this outfit! (Don't think I'd buy white tights again, though.)

2014: I love this outfit. So much so, that my sidebar picture is still from 2014.. I was really sad when I didn't fit into these shorts anymore and I was really sad when these shoes got holes in them. I do usually love and wear my clothes until there's nothing left of them, to be honest. I don't wear the top as much as I used to but my grandma's scarf is my go-to scarf and brings colour to a lot of my current outfits, and, again, this cardi made by my grandma is the prettiest and warmest thing in the world. I also really like my eyeliner and hair here. It's almost making me want to go short again, but am trying to stay determined to grow my hair.

2015: This is cute as well - all my March outfits I've chosen are quite cute. I don't think I've worn the braces since 2015, but they may make a comeback at some point. You never know. This top was one of my favourite crop tops and these were probably my all-time favourite jeans. (The hair I had for most of 2015 reminds me of how tedious it is to grow out a pixie and makes it easier to remember that it's not a good idea to go for the chop right now.)

2016: This one doesn't feel like it was a year ago. Time flies - whether or not you're having fun. I still like the colour combination and would possibly wear it again. I'm going on and on about my hair which isn't very interesting, but look at it! It's almost doubled in length since this was taken.

2017: Technically, this one's from February, but I posted it only a couple of days back so we shall count it as a March outfit! Do go and check out my previous post with lots of pictures of my new uni!

I feel like March has possibly been one of my best months for outftits so far. I only have autumn and winter months of these left to do, but I'll be back with these posts in September! These are always so much fun for me and it's also always lovely to hear you lot like these:-) Do you have a favourite or least favourite March Laura outfit?

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Style For Mankind said...

Fantastic! Have an amazing new week.


Kati said...

Very nice, I like the white tights!


Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

You're always great and pretty in all combos <3

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Laura Jones said...

Style For Mankind - thanks! hope you're having a good week as well, hon! x

Kati - thank you, doll! xx

Miguel Gouveia - thank you, hun! xx

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