Friday, 17 March 2017

"the tenor of your life in bath"

One of the places I explored in more detail whilst in Bath, was No. 1 Royal Crescent. It is such a pretty example of Georgian architecture, and I do really enjoy learning more about the people who used to live in historical buildings and the way life was for them. (In other words: I like history. Which is understandable since that's what I studied at uni, and it's still a major component of my degree at the moment.) It is all just really interesting. I wish I had written about this at the time, because I learned a lot, and have now largely forgotten what I learned. But I do remember having a pleasant visit. Most of the staff was so hospitable and knowledgeable - especially the gentleman you can see outside in some of the pictures, with whom I had a cute wee chat. And I say most of the staff, because one of the people I spoke to was a tad condescending, for example saying they personally would not be taking photos of the odd things I seemed to be into (apothecary cabinets and embroidery, etc.). But; most of the staff was lovely, and that is one of my favourite things of visiting places such as this: hearing stories and tidbits from the people working there and who possibly know of things you wouldn't otherwise hear about. You could find out about this elsewhere as well, but did you know, for example, that most upper class people during the Georgian/Regency era would have a pineapple on their dinner table but it would rarely if ever be eaten, and was more for show, so that your guests would know you were well off and could offer them pineapple if you wanted to? It is so silly, and as a fact I love it. You could say that once you've seen one of these houses, you've seen all of them. But the details and backstories to the objects, the houses and their occupants are always different and interesting. So, I guess I would recommend seeing the Royal Crescent and the No. 1, if you're in Bath!

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