Tuesday, 21 March 2017

mother's day cheesecake

It's Mother's Day this Sunday (I'm sure you know), and as my mum and I are in different countries once again, we won't get to spend any time together. (I have sent her a card and a little something, though!) If you can, you should try and see your mum, though, so why not show your appreciation in the form of this excellent cake! I made this for the first time for my birthday in 2015 and have since baked this a few times. Which is saying a lot: no matter how good something I bake is, I rarely do the same thing more than once as I like trying new recipes. But this is one of those recipes that have made it into my repertoire, and it really is good! This is also the first baked cheesecake that I've both baked and tasted. While it wasn't perhaps life-changing, this cake can be capable of producing an eye roll of pleasure.


For the base
125g butter
1½dl sugar
1 egg
2½dl plain flour
1dl potato flour
½tsp baking powder

For the filling
600g cream cheese
1½dl sugar
1tbs vanilla sugar
3 eggs
1dl double cream
1dl corn starch
5dl berries of your choice (I usually use raspberries and blueberries!)

I. Whisk the butter and the sugar into a foam and add the egg. Mix the dry ingredients together, and add into the foam through a sieve. Mix until smooth.

II. Cover the bottom of a springform pan with greaseproof paper and butter the edges. Pat the dough into the pan.

III. Add the sugar and the vanilla sugar into the cream cheese. Add eggs, cream, corn starch, and mix until smooth. Carefully mix the berries into the mixture. Pour onto the dough inside the pan.

IV. Bake in a 175°C oven, on a lower level, for approximately 45 minutes. Turn the oven off and leave the cake inside the oven for 30 more minutes. Let it cool, remove from pan and enjoy!


Gail J said...

Can you invite me to your house? ...THank you in advance girlie! hehe. It looks sooooo deli!


Style For Mankind said...

I so like this!


Corinne said...

This is so nice! My mum used to make cheesecake all the time when I was younger. I love this!

Corinne x

Laura Mitbrodt said...

Yummy this looks so good, I love all of the berries

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

hummmm, so delicious :D I really need to try this recipe!

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Beauty Editer said...

So nice! <3

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Laura Jones said...

Gail J - you're always welcome, doll! xx

Style For Mankind - glad you do, hun! xx

Corinne - thank you, dear! i kind of associate cheesecake with my childhood as well, althugh we mostly had shop-bought ones. any kind of (cheese)cake is good in my books, though! xx

Laura Mitbrodt - thank you, chick! xx

Miguel Gouveia - i hope you do and like it, hon! xx

Beauty Editer - cheers, pal! xx

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