Monday, 13 March 2017

"for six weeks, i allow bath is pleasant enough"

I've had these (and more!) Bath photos sitting around for almost two years now, and finally decided I should post them before it's been a decade. I don't even know how I never posted them at the time because I still quite like them and I really liked Bath. The only way to know these are a bit dated is by checking my hair length and the way I've done my make-up. The dress also is still part of my wardrobe, although when these were taken it was new and meant to be my "interview attire".

That's the main reason for my past Bath visit; I had a job interview (shocking turn of events: I obviously didn't get it and never moved to Bath) and, of course, did some sightseeing and exploring while in the city. Although, I was not in Bath for six weeks, I can thoroughly join in saying that it was 'pleasant enough'. It is such a lovely city and I'd love to go back. For such a relatively small city there's also so much to see, especially history and literature wise, that a second trip would be more than welcomed. The architecture, the Roman influence, and all the other prettiness is just my favourite. The quote from Northanger Abbey continues: "but beyond that, it is the most tiresome place in the world." To me this doesn't ring true. I could easily see myself living in Bath - at least for some time.


Style For Mankind said...

Fantastic post!


Kati said...

Ah, fantastic shots!

Have a great day,
Almost Stylish

The Reader's Tales said...

Hello Laura! You did very well to publish your pictures of your stay in Bath. These are sublime. I have never been to Bath but I will go this summer. Have a great day :)

Gail J said...

Can you believe, I had never been there? Only Manchester, Leeds, London and repeat lol

Laura Jones said...

Style For Mankind - glad you like it, hon! x

Kati - thank you, dear! you too! :-) xx

The Reader's Tales - thank you, pet! hope you enjoy seing the rest of them, too:-) and have the best time in bath when you go! xx

Gail J - it's a lovely city if you ever manage to visit, chicken! you could easily go for the weekend or just have a day trip from london! :-) xx

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