Monday, 6 March 2017

first impressions of lisboa and portugal

I've been in Portugal for well over a month already, and Lisbon was my first stop on arrival. Coming here from the coldness of Finland meant that I'd surely like the warmer weather. Now with the highs of good days being +20-25°C, it is more or less starting to feel like summer and that makes me very happy. But it has also been so rainy at times. For example, I've no pictures from my main day in Belém as I had to keep my camera safely tucked away from the rain, and was completely soaked after my wee adventures. Lisbon was lovely, though, and the fact that the rain prevented me from exploring as much as I'd wished only means that I have more the reason to go back! On this first trip I fully enjoyed wandering through the little cobbled streets (I don't think they're actually called cobbled streets, but calçada portuguesa, anyway) and colourful houses, the tram rides, some of the sights, meeting with a friend, and - most importantly - the pastéis de nata.

If you have any Lisbon or Portugal suggestions I'd love to hear them! So much to explore, so little time!


Hena Tayeb said...

We experienced rain when we were there too.
Visit Belem along with the tower of discoveries there is also a beautiful monastery there, a custard tart shop called Pasteis de Belem that is very good (this is all from what i recall about a 8 year old trip)
And a must see is Sintra.. amazing small town with two castles and the Quinta da Regaleria.. one of my favorite towns.
Enjoy... look forward to hearing all about it

Jackie Pandason said...

Beautiful pictures! I had no idea Portugal was so pretty. I want to visit now.


Style For Mankind said...



Gail J said...

wow I have always wanted to go to Portugal!

Laura Jones said...

Hena Tayeb - i did go to belem, but want to go back in better weather:-) and i loved the pasteis de nata - so good! sintra's definitely on the top of my list, though! it seems like the loveliest place. will be posting about all my portuguese adventures, lady! xx

Jackie Pandason - thank you, dear! would recommend adding portugal to your travel list! xx

Style For Mankind - cheers, hun! xx

Gail J - you should come and visit! xxx

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

OMG :O are you in Portugal?! You need to visit Lamego <3

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Laura Jones said...

Miguel Gouveia - yes, i'm here until june at least:-) and thanks for the recommendation, hun, will add it to my growing list! xx

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