Monday, 9 March 2015

project 365: 061-067

061 After a few days in Leeds with my Finland pals, we packed our bags in order to be ready for a wee trip to London.

062 I'll most likely be doing quite a few proper London posts of all the touristy places I took us to see. As soon as I get myself around to editing the photos, or at least to organizing them in some manner. There's just too many! London was just as lovely as ever, and because this was my first more touristy trip there in almost ten years, I really didn't mind going to all the same places again. I hope I never get bored of visiting them, because I do love London.

063 I may have taken Johanna and Jenna (who I was visiting with) to Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guard, not realizing that it is still early spring that meant it only happens every other day, and I made us wait for an hour before someone told this to us. Even though it clearly said so in the sign right in front of us. A bit of a fail. This was something I've actually not seen myself yet, and really want to see the Changing of the Guard. So, maybe next time!

064 After taking the lil' Finnish persons back to the airport, I was on my way back to Leeds. Coach life. I did have quite a lovely time in London, and their first visit seemed to be quite alright as well, so that was good:-)

065 Some of the books I'm trying to get read at the moment. I'm studying the Reformation in Scotland and the British Secret Services now.

066 Johanna and Jenna brought me some things that my mum had given them (as well as bringing me some chocolate eggs themselves!). I've not read this Moomin magazine yet, but it looks amazing!

067 And to make up for the fact that I hardly did any reading all week, this is how I spent my Sunday!


Kudzai said...

Looks like you had a lovely time!! Despite living in London, I don't think I'll ever get bored of it! It is definitely one of my favourite cities <3 xoxo



Great pics! nice :)

Imogen said...

Looks like an amazing time. I really need to do more with my life and see more of the world!!

Corinne said...

Those books like boring. I'm glad I'm not having to read them haha. Oops about waiting an hour, that must have been frustrating!

Have you been tweeking your layout? Looks good. :)

Corinne x

Laila said...

Oh my gosh a Moomin magazine! That is SO awesome!! Is it just a one-off or every issue is about the Moomins? I'm such a big Moomin fan haha. Let me know if you're ever in London and fancy a cup of tea! I'm on twitter too @tapeparade if it's easier to get in touch. xx

Lady parisienne said...

you look great, I love these photos!

Sara Gerard said...

Lovely photos! All I have been wanting to do lately is read, lol.

Kate said...

I LOVE exploring London! :) I always try to add it to my agenda whenever I visit home.

Amy said...

What wonderful photos! I've always wanted to go to London ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Laura said...

Kudzai - it is such a lovely city, dear! i've really been enjoying going to london more often this year:-) xx

ANDYSTYLE - thank you, lovely! x

Imogen - it was really lovely:-) and so do i, gal, so do i, haha! xx

Corinne - hahaha, don't they! but most of the book i've been reading for uni this year have actually been quite interesting:-) i didn't really mind myself, but i think my mates weren't too happy:') and yes, a wee while ago and just a little. thank you, lady! xx

Laila - i think it's just a one-off of this finnish magazine called retro. and i'm such a moomin fan as well, only slightly obsessed, haha! and i will let you know and follow you on twitter now, honey! xx

Lady parisienne - thanks, hun! x

Sara Gerard - thank you, love! haha, me too but i wish i had more time for reading for fun instead of uni books! :-) xx

Kate - i love it as well, gal:-) and there's so much to see and do that even if you lived there your whole life there'd always be new things, haha! x

Amy - thank you, pet! it's a lovely place to visit:-) hope you get to go one day! xx

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